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Ann Harrison

Ann will be presenting ‘The Remarkable Mediumship of Minnie Harrison’

This is the story of the amazing mediumship of Minnie Harrison, witnessed by over 200 visitors to the Home Circle during the 8 years that they sat, illustrated with photographs taken at the time.

Seventy years ago, the Harrison family and two friends started a Home Circle. They could not believe what they were told they would achieve through Minnie’s trance mediumship – but it happened – receiving full-form ectoplasmic materialisations in red light in just eight months from the beginning of the circle; as well as experiencing telekinesis, apports, trumpet voices, spirit lights and spirit writing on the way.

Eighteen months later they were able, with Spirit’s permission, to take photographs in the red light, so that Minnie, who was always in deep trance, could see what they experienced.

Twenty years later Gordon Higginson’s mother, Fanny, when she saw the photos told Tom to “get out and talk about it” and that he did; showing his audiences the original trumpet, notebooks and a few of the apports and signatures received – as we do today.

When they met in 1993, Ann was able to help him continue the work of telling people what was possible when people sit together with dedication and harmony. Today the account is backed up by Ann Harrison’s own experiences of some of the wonderful things that can happen when the spirits draw close to us, through the mediumship of Stewart and other physical mediums in very recent years.